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Ragazze ~少女たちよ!~

Posted by 洋hiromi水, 05 June 2020 · 694 views

Haven't done a blog entry in years and I don't even know if people still use this function on here? ^^;
Anyways, I just watched the whole Ragazze NHK show and wanted to share my opinion on it. Didn't want to post it in MM's thread since I'm talking about the other idol groups.

Here's the bili bili link to the whole show btw: https://www.bilibili...788.videocard.0

So... generally, I think H!P did really stand out in this. Both Beyonds and MM were completely different from the other groups. I see that as a major plus point. Their interaction during the talk segment was good too. Ayumi, Mei-chan and Momohime managed to stand out from the crowd.
I'm not following any of the other groups actively. Besides AKB and Momorio Clover, I didn't know any of the other groups. Only heard of Takoyaki Rainbow before. So here's my impression on the other groups:

Momoiro Clover: I was super happy they sang Hashire! because it's one of the three songs I know. :ph34r: I do really enjoy watching them perform. They look genuinely happy and always seem super energetic. They are absolute pros at what they're doing. And they kinda have a "senpai" aura that is really cool.

Beyonds: They did a good job as always. I'm biased. :respect:

=LOVE: Seen them for the first time and I'm impressed by their singing, actually. I did enjoy both songs quite a bit. Choregraphy reminded me a little bit of Tsubaki in a way? However, I can't help but find the girl in the center a litte creepy (it's the contact lenses, she looks so much like a doll I just can't take it x_x). And it was really hard to distinguish them because they all had a very similar style. As in... hair length, hair style, make up, clothes.

Morning Musume: I think their EDM style stood out a lot. The show made me realize that EDM just isn't the typical idol sound at all. I really liked their performance. However, it's sad that they used all those older EDM songs we've seen a hundred times on TV already. That doesn't speak for their latest releases (and I mean: their releases in the last three years!). Also, I think to someone who doesn't know their songs, they might have sounded a little bit too similar (besides Utakata and maybe Lovepedia). Wagamama as a starter was great, but Ai no Gundan and Jealousy Jealousy weren't necessary in my opinion. I'd rather they chose one more song with a different sound.

Tacoyaki Rainbow: I'm a little biased because I've studied in Kansai/Hyougo and I love the Kansai dialect. Apart from that, I quite enjoyed their songs. I think their sound is a little bit similar to Momoiro Clover. Their lyrics were quite interesting, including lots of jokes and random english phrases that ended up making sense as the song proceeded, kinda. :lol:

Philosophy no Dance: What is this group? I really like their funky sound and they can all sing really well. The blond girl's voice is ridiculously good. I actually think performance wise they were the strongest of all the groups. I'm definitely gonna check out their songs. The only thing I didn't enjoy about their performance was their clothes - they seemed so flimsy and cheap. And coming from H!P I usually don't even notice that anymore. :rolleyes: So if I noticed, they must have been kinda cheap. Still, the girls rocked.

AKB48: Made me almost fall asleep. I'm sorry. I actually like a lot of their older songs (Iiwake Maybe etc.), but listening to their performance, I felt like all the songs sounded the same. I know the typical AKB sound and I do usually enjoy it. But I'm sure they have a more versatile discography... that's why I don't understand their setlist choice. Apart from that, what I've always struggled with when it comes to AKB is that they all have a similar style. They all look super cute, but at the end of the performance, I can't even recall one of their faces.

So... have you seen the show too? What did you think? I'd love to hear your opinion. ^_^

Just so you know, Hyadain has written some of the best-known songs for both Momoclo and Tacoyaki Rainbow, so there is a common thread aside from being in the same company. Hyadain favors Tacoyaki a bit because they're all from Kansai, too.

Oh I didn't know that! Thanks for the info :)

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